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Student Research Symposium
April 15, 2022

Confronting Uncertainty:
A Systems Approach to Education

We are at a historic moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the myriad of challenges that we face in education, such as pre-existing educational inequalities and disparities. With this year’s theme of the symposium, “Confronting Uncertainty: A Systems Approach to Education”, we recognize the unique opportunity for educators to build the capacity of multiple psychological, sociocultural, and institutional systems to negotiate for equitable, promotive, and protective resources to be distributed in culturally and contextually meaningful ways. We call for a new change, a collective change across disciplines to reflect, re-address, re-imagine, and redesign the existing systems that have reproduced many of the inequalities and injustice that we seek to eradicate.

We call on our community of researchers to share how they are identifying, sustaining, and innovating new ways for continuous and empowering educational improvements for all. What are the characteristics of systems with equitable outcomes? What are the elements, processes, and outcomes of equitable, resilient, and sustainable systems?  What global perspectives, or range of knowledges, skills, attitudes, or mindsets, should we embody to thrive in the rest of the 21st century? How can we take a systematic and long-term view, so that we avoid the danger that strategies that make one system more resilient can unintentionally, inadvertently, compromise the capacity of other co-occurring systems? What new questions should we ask? What questions should we stop asking? We invite you to reflect on these questions, and the fundamental presumptions we make which impact all aspects of our research, policy making, teaching and learning, and design in educational research and practices.

As always, this symposium will bring together student researchers from within the Harvard community, each of whom are considering the tough issues facing the education sector today and making their research matter for real-world impact. The symposium also welcomes a host of informed and influential academics from the field to provide support and feedback on this work.

Please consider submitting a proposal by March 16, 2022.