The 23rd Annual Student Research Conference
April 6, 2018

So What, Now What?
Making research matter for real-world impact

More and more, education practitioners are being asked to base decisions on evidence, though many are not researchers or even have been part of a research study. Many in the field don’t know where to go to find the most up to date research on education practices, and many researchers work in a system that is not conducive to translating their work for real-world application. Therefore, it has become incumbent on researchers (and practitioners) to work to bridge the gap between the two fields; to consider, in relation to their work: So What, Now What?

This central question gives rise to many more, including:

  • What would the system look like if we could close the gap between research and practice?
  • How might we present research that is both accessible and usable?
  • Is there a better way to disseminate research to yield better outcomes for practitioners?
  • How do we expect our research will impact the way practitioners work?
  • Is the impact of research something that is considered when designing our work?

These issues will drive Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Student Research Conference. Now in its 23rd year, the conference will bring together student researchers from within the Harvard community and around the country, each of whom are considering the tough issues facing the education sector today and making their research matter for real-world impact. The conference also welcomes a host of informed and influential academics from the field to provide support and feedback on your work.

If you are a student, have conducted interesting research, and find yourself considering some of the questions outlined above, Harvard’s SRC 2018 might be for you. We are looking for thought-provokers, conversation-starters, and research-into-practitioners who will help us explore some of the most important questions informing the education sector today. View information about submitting a proposal for SRC 2018.