Presentation Formats

There are three presentation formats: roundtables, panels, and poster sessions. Prospective presenters will be asked to indicate their preferred presentation format when submitting a proposal.


Submit your proposal for a roundtable presentation if:

  • You are still thinking through your research questionYou have an area of interest on which you have collected some information and/or data, but would still like to talk it through with like-minded researchers/practitioners
  • You are embarking on a new research interest with only preliminary questions in mind
  • You are still working a masters paper, or other work that is still very much in development

Roundtable sessions are designed to allow extensive discussion and feedback for the presenter in a more informal context than panel presentations. Roundtables aremoderated by advanced doctoral students and involve discussion among the presenters and participants around the topic of the roundtable.


Submit your proposal for a panel presentation if:

  • You have a clearly defined research question
  • You have already begun collecting or have collected data
  • You have results or preliminary findings on which you could report
  • You would like to present a dissertation chapter, term project for a course, or other project of similar scope and commitment

Panels consist of multiple presenters whose papers share a common theme. Panels will consist of individual presentations followed by a question and feedback period. Panels will be framed and moderated by a discussant (i.e., a faculty member or doctoral students from HGSE) with relevant interest and expertise. Each presenter has 15-20 minutes to present and 10-15 minutes for feedback.

Poster Session

Submit your proposal for a poster if:

  • You would like to present a graphic display of your work
  • You would like to engage in informal dialogue with members of the wider community

During the poster session, all posters will be displayed simultaneously in a conference space, and each presenter is expected to stand by their poster to engage in discussion with audience members. Presenters are encouraged to bring handouts that highlight key points for distribution to conference attendees. Posters sessions typically last 60 minutes.