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Student Research Symposium
April 10, 2020

At the Intersection:
Connecting Research and Practice

The Student Research Symposium theme for 2020 –  At the Intersection: Connecting Research and Practice – is an opportunity to invite and strengthen collaborative relationships between researchers and practitioners in the field of education. This year’s symposium will provide educational researchers and educational practitioners an opportunity to share how they are creating, identifying, sustaining, analyzing, and reflecting on opportunities for continuous and empowering educational improvements for all.

We invite educators to present their ideas in response to the following themes:

•    The role of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in creating educational change
•    Educational research and career readiness
•    Teaching and learning
•    Lifelong learning and education
•    Social responsibility and inclusion
•    Global education

These issues will drive Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Student Research Conference. This symposium will bring together student researchers from within the Harvard community, each of whom are considering the tough issues facing the education sector today and making their research matter for real-world impact. The symposium also welcomes a host of informed and influential academics from the field to provide support and feedback on your work.

We are looking for thought-provokers, conversation-starters, and research-into-practitioners who will help us explore some of the most important questions informing the education sector today. View information about submitting a proposal for Symposium 2020.